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About Healthy Living

People are often confused about what "healthy living" means--especially at it relates to nutrition. Let me help you filter out the noise of contradictory information and come up with a healthy diet and exercise plan that works for you. 

The Healthy Living Personal Program

Although healthy living can mean different things to different people, there are some key principles that I follow and I invite you to follow as well. 

1. Being in control. 

2. Feeling joy

3. Feeling connected.

Key West


I have three  upcoming workshops at Easton Mountain

July 1-5

Mind/Body Workout


With very simple equipment, you can do a full body workout at home—and with a consistent routine, you really can get more fit!  This workout uses resistance bands and body weight and is adaptable to any fitness level—beginners welcome. More than just a workout, we will concentrate on body awareness and gratitude for everything our bodies do for us. 


Finding our authentic selves


Writing is a powerful way to find our authentic selves.  As gay men we often talk about our authenticity, but what do we mean when we say that? We will use writing and discussion to clarify what is meaningful and useful in that word. Finally, we will come up with concrete ways to live more authentically.


Drunk on Beauty


We all know we should take time to smell the flowers, but how many of us actually do that every day?  Similarly, the benefits of forest bathing are well known, but what if there’s no forest nearby? This workshop will invite its participants to make natural beauty a part of their daily spiritual practice—taking only minutes a day. In addition to its spiritual nature, this practice will benefit both mental and physical health.

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